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Overshoe Rubber Anti-Slip Shoe Snow Crampons (1 Pair)

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Sold by OBRW and Fulfilled by GizModern


Designed for walking on snow and ice with extra traction.giphy.gifThis pair of shoe grips are suitable for whether you shovel your driveway, hike through deep snow, or tackle icy terrain.This is a good pair of snow grips that can give you more security and peace of mind in those icy winter months.giphy.gifThey provide excellent traction for deep snow and thick ice.giphy.gifEach foot has 32 spikes, making them perfect for winter hiking, chopping wood, and working on soft surfaces like dirt.giphy.gifThey are also easy to put on, requiring the user to stretch the rubber body around their boot or shoe.giphy.gifOnce on, they stay in place securely and don't slide around or feel like they will come off.giphy.gifThe steel points are strong and will easily last multiple winters.Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!