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Lightweight Smart 20 Inches Suitcases with Automatically Follow, Anti-Lost Alarm, Remote Control, Powerbank & Spinner Wheels

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Automatically follow your step.

You only need to operate the remote control in your hand to control its follow mode.

Briefly press the follow mode button, the indicator light will flash, and the trunk will enter the following mode. Long press the follow mode button, the indicator light will always be on, and the trunk will enter the follow + intelligent obstacle avoidance mode.


Not only can the smart luggage automatically follow you, it is also rideable. You just need to press the riding button on the remote control and lower the pedals hidden on both sides of the box to make the suitcase your mount.


With the mobile APP and remote control, you can freely adjust the walking speed of the suitcase and view the trajectory of the suitcase.

Within a range of 8m, you can recall the suitcase with one touch of the remote control.

In intelligent obstacle avoidance mode, the luggage compartment intelligently identifies obstacles and re-plans the best path.

The internal power supply can support the luggage to walk about 7km in riding mode and 10 to 15km in auto-follow mode.

The powerbank on the back of the trunk can meet your needs for charging anytime, anywhere. The LED power display also lets you know the remaining power.

The scientific partition design inside the trunk allows you to make the most of your space.

Silent and wear-resistant 360° rotatable wheels make it walk more freely.

Concealed handles are not easily deformed or broken.

Thickened aluminum alloy rod.

Military positioning probes enable detection 24/7.

Smart fingerprint lock makes your suitcase more secure and avoids the trouble of entering or forgetting your password. Of course, you can also use the key to unlock.

The 150w high power motor allows it to reach a maximum speed of 7km/h.

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