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Super Compact Flashlight Power Bank with Digital Precision Display - Versatile Is the New

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Battery Capacity

Never underestimate what a power bank can do. Get this versatile gadget and never go back!

Take a glance and you will get all the precise data: remaining battery, voltage and current.

Light comes in handy in the dark.

Simply plug and play.

Portable. Simply grab your device and go places.

Power up your devices one by one? Not a smart strategy. This dual-USB-port-device saves you time and space.

Inside its stunning exterior is an impressive 10000/15000mAh capacity and highly efficient Li-ion battery.

Compatible with virtually all smart phones, tablets, etc.

Built-in safeguards and smart chips prevent excessive current, overheating short-circuit, etc. 

Complies with RoHS/FC/CE standards.


Material: ABS, PC, Li-ion cell

Dimensions: 105*65*23mm

Weight: 173g

Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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