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Third Generation Portable Folding Solar Charger

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Sold by AllPowers and Fulfilled by GizModern

Portable folding solar charge provides enough power to charge cellphones, great for any outdoor trips and activities.

Using the exclusive iSolar and fast charging technology, it can automatically adjust the current and voltage to achieve maximum power, delivering its fastest possible current(with enough direct sunlight)

It uses the sunpower solar cell, which is made from US, and has up to 23.5%-25% efficiency, while most panels in the market are 15% efficiency or even lower

Highly Portable and can be easily attached to backpacks while hiking.

PET laminated sunpower panels sewn into high-wear PVC fabric for weather-resistant outdoor durability

For Optimal Use:

· Ability to charge your device dependent on sufficient sunlight.

· While the polyester canvas provides some water protection, we recommend minimizing moisture exposure to protect electrical components.

· Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB-charged devices.

Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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