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The Great Come Together - Universal Adapter, Power Bank & Wireless Charging Pad

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Sold by Koo-power and Fulfilled by GizModern


Simplify the way you travel with your gadgets with this all-in-one multitasker. 

This compact device has everything you need related to power: power bank, universal adapter and wireless charging pad.

Go wireless with this 6700mAh power bank. Simply place your phone on the pad! It works smoothly with a phone case.

It includes a charger with USB and Type-C ports and a set of 4 interchangeable and detachable plugs with pins that fit different power points. 

Take a glance and get precise data.

Smart chips are incorporated to automatically detect and deliver the optimal charging current for each device. This small gadget is capable of charging up to 4 devices simultaneously.

Automatic cut-off function protects your device and extends battery life. Internal protection measures prevent excessive current, overheating, overcharging, etc.


l Input: AC90-240V 0.5A

l Frequency: 110-205KHz

l Material: ABS

l Range: 4-10mm

l Output: 5V 2.4A

l Capacity: 6700mah

Note: 4 plugs will be included in the package. Charging cable will NOT be included.

Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!