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Portable Phone Cooling Stand with Two Fans, Back Clip, Power Bank & Low Noise, for Watching Plays, Playing Games and More

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Sold by BEON and Fulfilled by GizModern


Effectively reduce the temperature of your phone.

The speed of the dual fans can reach 5400 rpm, which can quickly cool down the mobile phone. With the mobile phone holder, you can watch the drama with no worries.

Built-in 2000mAh battery can power your phone.

Compatible with 4 to 6-inch phones.

It is the same size as a palm, with a soft silicone pad and indicator light, making it portable and easy to use.

Helps you reduce the pain of your fingers caused by using the phone for a long time.

The structure is simple and can provide you with many functions.

The noise produced by the radiator is lower than 28 decibels, which will not affect learning, talking and watching movie.

Installation method: 1. Place the phone on the radiator; 2. Push the phone forward; 3. Fix the clip; 4. The installation is complete.

Disassembly method: 1. Hold your thumb against the bottom of the phone; 2. Push the phone forward; 3. Lift your phone with your thumb up; 4. Remove the phone after you release it.

Package includes: 1 * radiator, 1 * Micro USB charging cable

Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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