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Mini Anti-shake Selfie Stick with Folding Storage, Three-axis Stabilization System, Object Tracking, Time-lapse Photography

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Professional shooting starts here.

The innovative and simple foldable design saves you more space.

It's small and compact when folded, so you can put it in your bag or pocket.

No complicated levelling is required. After you clip the phone, move left and right until the phone is level to start shooting.

Three axes are independently controlled and four follow modes: full lock, pitch follow, roll follow & yaw follow.

Do not over-rotate to avoid equipment failure.

Built-in intelligent stabilization system to effectively filter the image shake.

The high magnetic energy product permanent magnet motor makes it more powerful.

Quickly switch shooting angles.

The object tracking function always locks the target in the center of the screen, making it very easy to shoot moving pictures.

The rotation axis can be used to capture the special effects of the rotating space-time tunnel.

Time-lapse photography can condense the process of several hours into a few seconds of video.

The clever use of the zoom function allows you to take pictures with different atmospheres.

Integrated buttons give you easy access to all functions.

The smart trigger key allows you to quickly switch between multiple follow modes.

A built-in 2600mAh lithium battery can last for eight hours.


The package includes:

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