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Power Strip Wall Mount, with Two Ways of Installation, Flexible Slide On/Off Design

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Build the self-adhesive cable management system for your tidy room.

Mount the power strip on the wall or desk and organize the nasty cluster of wires neatly away from the ground, preventing tripping hazards for kids and pets, also eliminating the risk of accidental spills.

With the highly strong double-sided adhesive for each power strip, you can adhere it wherever desired on flat surfaces such as ceramic, mirror, stainless steel, acrylic, plastic, and wood.

To mount on uneven or plaster surfaces you can use the screws. Note: the screws are not included in the package.

Once mounted on the wall or desk, you can still remove the power strip easily by sliding it off the holder and even attach it to another power strip holder nearby as you like.

The wire holder can hold your power strip on the wall or desk and plug in any electric appliance without stretching the wires.

It can be used in office, kitchen, living room to hold all kinds of power strips or surge protectors, WiFi router, paper towel boxes, adapters, remote control and other items.

How to use: 1. Fix the two double-sided tapes on the two sides of the wall mount respectively; 

2. Stick the base of the holder on the wall and the other on the power strip; 

3. Leave it for 30 minutes and start using it.


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