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360° Rotatable Car Vent Phone Mount That Keeps Your Phone Away from Cool or Hot Air

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Sold by dotidea and Fulfilled by GizModern


Why are phone mounts always so close to car vents? Your phone does not need any cool or hot air to stay alive. 

This car phone mount moves your phone a little bit far away from the vent.

To avoid sudden changes in air temperature will help your phone stay alive for longer.

With longer arm and rotatable design, it does NOT block any air from the vent.

Multiple ways to rotate the mount.

Enjoy clearer vision in car. Interact with your phone in car in a totally comfortable and safe way.

Another secret lies in the soft and durable rubber, which makes it easy for you to place and remove your phone.

Last wonderful thing is the wider and thicker clip. Clip it to your car vent in 1 second!

Works well with almost all phones.

Available in two colors.

Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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