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Super Mini Portable & Retractable UV Sterilizer, Sterilization Rate 99.99%, for Mask, Phone, Towel and More

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A health protector you can carry with you.

The sterilizer is only the size of a lipstick, which is very suitable for carrying out.

The effective irradiation range is 200mm, and the sterilization ability can reach 99.99%.

Ultraviolet rays have the structure of destroying DNA or RNA in bacteria and viruses to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

Disinfect the mask with ultraviolet disinfection, etc., to extend the use time of the mask.

As the item with the highest daily usage rate, the mobile phone will also attach a lot of bacteria and viruses.

Towels in the bathroom are prone to bacteria, and regular disinfection is necessary.

Children's immunity is weak, so baby supplies must be disinfected frequently.

The lipstick-type retractable design makes it more convenient to use.

The large-capacity rechargeable battery provides you with a long standby time.


Available in four colors:

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