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Weird & Wonderful Accordion-inspired Paper Chair

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Sold by JIYOUJIA and Fulfilled by GizModern

FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDEJust weird and wonderful...

Shape it to whatever you like with built-in magnets, stretch it to a long couch or collapse it to 12 inches in a few seconds.

Strong and versatile, this customizable and foldable chair fits in all kinds of situations. Use it as a chair, a bench, a sofa, a shelf, a coffee table, or whatever.

Made out of paper, but not your regular writing paper. It's totally waterproof, recyclable and sustainable. Strong enough to hold 300 kg of weight and durable enough for 10 years of passionate use. 

Featuring a honeycomb structure with edges gently softened and polished, it's both comfortable and sturdy.

Make a good use of small spaces and add some flexible atmosphere.


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