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Ergonomic Mouse Wrist Support Cushion Rest, for Computer, Laptop, Office, PC Gaming

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Keep your wrists and hands safe from serious, long-term damage.giphy.gifThis wrist cushion supports your wrist, ensuring an ergonomic working angle.This wrist support cushion can go a long way to avoid the health risks of repetitive stress injury.giphy.gifIt will keep your wrist straight while you’re working, and eliminate extra stress on your tendons.giphy.gifMoreover, it can prevent you from putting pressure on your wrist, which allows for increased blood flow.This provides support, while still offering enough cushion for comfort for most people.The top surface is a smooth, dense nylon weave. It’s easy to slide your wrist across, and won’t cause any discomfort due to friction.The bottom of the wrist pad has an anti-slip rubber base.If you use a mouse every day, whether for work or for gaming, a wrist rest is a great choice.Available in 3 colors.Dimensions:Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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