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Height Adjustable Furniture Risers, for Desk, Table, Bed & Other Furniture (Set of 4)

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Sold by BORW and Fulfilled by GizModern


An elegant, sturdy, and anti-slip solution for raising up any kind of furniture.giphy.gifThis gadget is a simple setup that equips you with a comfortable seating height for any occasion.Adjustable risers can be configured for different heights and they’re good for people who want to adjust their height for different tasks.giphy.gifNot only do they add a new level of comfort, but they allow you to adjust the height of your furniture at a moment’s notice.They are simple to assemble, take up no floor space, and are safe to use on any surface.giphy.gifPeel off the protective film on either side of the plastic frame and it’s ready to go!Risers can also be used to raise the height of a chair, a desk, or a dinner table.giphy.gifThe anti-slip pad will not scratch floors.The risers support up to 500kg.Lift one corner of the bed up, and move the riser in place. It is not important to lift the bed up all the way, just enough so you can fit the riser in place.You can also use a screw to fix the riser to the rough surface.Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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