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Professional Rechargeable Portable UV Sterilizer for Masks, Phones, Glasses, Cutlery, Pencils and More

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A sustainable and portable sterilizer.

This ultraviolet mini sterilizer can quickly kill 99.9% of bacteria in one minute.

Hand-held disinfection mode: It is recommended to be 3 cm away from the item to be disinfected, and scan back and forth five times after staying for 2 seconds.

Standing disinfection mode: Open the brackets on both sides and place the items to be disinfected under the disinfection lamp.

During operation, if the sterilizer detects that the body tilt angle is greater than ninety degrees, it will automatically turn off the ultraviolet rays to prevent direct ultraviolet rays from striking the eyes or skin.

Two disinfection times are available: 59 seconds and 180 seconds. The 59-second mode is suitable for standing disinfection mode, which can be used to disinfect a single item; the 180-second mode is suitable for hand-held disinfection mode, which can be used to disinfect multiple or larger items.

LED UV lamp beads have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

The sapphire mirror package makes the sterilizer more protective and has higher UV transmittance.

The sterilizer weighs only 95g and is lighter than a cell phone.



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