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Anti-Theft Waterproof Travel Backpack, With Detachable Waterproof Hat & Fits 15.6-Inch Laptop

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Sold by Junye and Fulfilled by GizModern


This backpack is super secure, large capacity & rainproof, won't let you down.

The rainproof cap is attached to the backpack with a zipper, so you can walk in the rain without holding an umbrella.

The three-digit lock can lock your backpack firmly and never give the thief a chance. The original password is 000. Pull the button while switching the numbers to reset a new password.

The backpack can be opened at a large angle for easy access. In addition to some usual stuff, the huge capacity makes this backpack fit a 15.6'' laptop.

The hidden back pockets can hold valuable items you use, such as wallets and mobile phones. The card slot on the shoulder strap also makes it easier to get your card.

You can also have a water bottle pocket if you like.

Put the power bank inside the backpack, you just need to hold the phone to charge it.

The other details that make this backpack perfect.


Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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