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5000mAh Transparent MagSafe Power Bank, with Phone Holder & Type-C to Type-C Cable, for iPhone 12 & 13 Series

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Sold by MOMAX and Fulfilled by GizModern


To quickly charge your iPhone from 0 to 100.giphy.gifThis MagSafe battery pack makes it easy to charge when you need it and ditch the battery when you don't.giphy.gifIt's a slimline power bank containing 5000mAh of battery capacity, which means it's capable of charging your phone multiple times on a single charge.giphy.gifThis power bank can juice up smartphones whether that's a weekend camping or a long journey away from mains electricity.giphy.gifThe Type-C to Type-C cable makes this power bank a charging station for your phone.giphy.gifShipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!