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Adjustable Anti-Static Cordless Wristband, for Men and Women

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To keep the shock from getting to your hands.giphy.gifThis anti-static wrist strap is designed to keep users from getting zapped by a static shock.With a high concentration of negative ions, this bracelet can help release the residual static electricity in the body.giphy.gifThe effect of using negative ions to eliminate static electricity is generally obvious after one to two weeks. If static electricity is severe, it may take three to four weeks.giphy.gifThe bracelet is ergonomically designed and comfortable to wear. It can help shorten the time to fall asleep and increase the length of deep sleep.giphy.gifThe bracelet is waterproof and dustproof, so you can wear it anytime, anywhere.giphy.gifShipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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