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Rechargeable Smart Keys-free U-shaped Fingerprint Lock with Double Lock Technology, Smart Chip, Waterproof, Anti-rust

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Open the age of security with your fingerprint.

Fingerprint unlocking technology can effectively prevent thieves.

Fingerprint + password dual insurance. 100 sets of fingerprint storage space.

Fingerprint operation: no key entry/deletion/addition is needed, just touch the fingerprint according to the operation instructions to complete the operation.

After manual locking, the spring electronic system will perform secondary locking.

It can also be used as a power bank to charge phones.

After the lock is immersed in water for 5 minutes, it can still be quickly unlocked by fingerprint after drying.

After being placed in the rain for two days, the lock can be used normally after being dried.

Suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, gates, etc.

Cutting-edge semiconductor sensors can sensitively identify fingerprints.

360° arbitrary fingerprint recognition, no key required, make unlocking faster.

Full solid hardened locking lever to effectively prevent damage.

Nylon material wraps the surface to prevent oxidative corrosion.

IP67 waterproof design prevents water from entering the lock body.

Rechargeable design makes it easy to use.

With a 700mAh battery, it can be fully recharged in 2 hours, lasting for 1 year, and unlocked up to 5,700 times.


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