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Awesome Defensive Gadget with Two Tungsten Steel Tips

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 Sold by CIMA and Fulfilled by GizModern

Two tungsten steel tips give you dual protection. Both external and internal designs focus on details and qualities. Designers tried to minimize the size but maximize the function and ensure high quality materials are used at the same time. To make the tool more practical, easier to use, and portable.

High hardness tungsten steel tips - Hard enough to easily break 8 mm (around 0.32 inches) tempered glass or 10 mm (around 0.39 inches) ceramic tile. A necessary tool to escape from cars in emergencies.

Dual protection – the inside and outside tips are both tungsten steel, providing you enhanced dual protection for your safety.

Excellent design – the outside tungsten tip adopts the diamond inlaying technology and after 100,000 times violent test, it is still intact.

Anti-slip and comfortable to hold

 Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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