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30-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Kit with 45mm Length Screwdriver Bits, 28 Different Bits, for Watches, Phone & More

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Sold by RLWE and Fulfilled by GizModern


The best screwdriver set that helps complete most projects on the job, in your workshop, or at home.giphy.gifThe kit includes the most useful bits that are suitable for daily use, especially for precision applicants.The 45mm bit makes it easier to remove or install the screw located in the deep hole.Each bit has a built-in magnetic design, which allows you to easily attract the screw and prevent the mess in the box.giphy.gifThe eject button allows you to quickly take out the bit.giphy.gifThe compact and portable storage box adopts a magnetic design, which is more convenient to use and more suitable for carrying.The bits are made of S2 strong steel, and after a unique quenching process, its hardness and toughness are in the most balanced state.The precision screwdriver bit size can perfectly match the screw.The tip of the stainless steel tweezers is very thin and can be used as a SIM Card Pin.The handle is made of aluminum alloy and is anodized, which makes it feel comfortable when held.The screwdriver has built-in durable bearings to make the rotation more smooth.The 30pcs set includes 28 bits.The 26pcs set includes 18 bits.Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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