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Professional Hands-Free Binocular Glasses,with Adjustable 3x to 6x Magnifying, for Fishing & More

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Sold by PNLE and Fulfilled by GizModern


Allows you to see farther and more clearly while fishing.giphy.gifYou can easily adjust the magnification (3x to 6x) through the knob, suitable for fishing, bird watching, etc.giphy.gifThe tortoiseshell glasses can filter the dazzling sunlight, making it easy for you to observe the fishing floats in the distance.giphy.gifWhen the light is not very strong, you can also switch between the transparent lens and the filter lens through the lever.giphy.gifThe high-definition optical glass lens has high light transmittance and clear imaging, allowing you to see farther and clearer.The spectacle frame is made of lightweight material, which will not cause a burden to the ears and the bridge of the nose when worn for a long time.The outer part of the tip of the glasses frame is wrapped with a soft rubber sleeve, which makes it more comfortable to wear.Dimensions:Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!