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Anti-radiation Anti-static Bracelet, with Waterproof Sweat-proof Design and Adjustable Length, for Men, Women, Adults & Kids

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Eliminate static electricity, reduce radiation, and live a healthier life in the simplest way.giphy.gifThis energy bracelet can adjust the positive and negative ratio of human body current to eliminate static electricity.After wearing it for a long time, it can achieve a better effect of removing static electricity and relieve fatigue.giphy.gifThis bracelet is sweat-proof and waterproof, and very durable.When your life is irregular and lack of exercise, electromagnetic radiation will disturb the distribution of positive and negative charges in the human body. After wearing this bracelet for a long time, it can balance the positive and negative charges.The bracelet can improve the symptoms of insomnia and fatigue.giphy.gifWhen the bracelet touches the human body, the concentration of negative ions will slowly rise to the peak.giphy.gifThe dimension of the bracelet can be adjusted.The bracelet is made of silica gel containing negative ions Germanium and other energy elements.The charge of the human body will change due to the outside temperature, humidity and changes in your age and physical fitness.The negative ion minerals and Germanium inside the bracelet can make the negative ion concentration more stable.Available in three colors.Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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