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Wrist/Hand/Finger Ball That Helps You Build Flexibility and Recover Faster

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FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDEImprove your finger and hand health with this professional and powerful ball!

Exercise your hand and wrist muscles and build long-term strength. Turn your wrist and push the ball. Feels like gravity working against you.

Anyone who uses their hands for repetitive tasks or needs post-surgical rehabilitation will benefit a lot from this magical ball.

Works without batteries. Creates self-generating electricity. Simply use your own hand/wrist/finger to drive the ball.

Built-in LED light, calculator and real-time digital display let you know everything.

Whether it's hand numbness, mouse hand or general wrist pain, this ball will restore and enhance feeling and flexibility.

Quiet and stable.

Made of premium plastic and soft silicone rubber. Durable and sturdy.

Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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