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QC3.0 24W Fast-charging Wall Charger, with US Standard Plug, Current Adjustment,for Android & iOS

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Charge your devices without having to wait for hours.giphy.gifThe charger has a built-in fast charging programming management system, which can regulate the output power to make charging fast and safe.The charger supports PD3.0 and 24W high power, and can intelligently identify the type of mobile phone to adjust the charging current.giphy.gifWith fast chargers, we don’t need to wait much for our phones to charge.Its small, sleek design comes with a foldable wall plug which makes it ideal for travel.It is widely applicable to the voltage of 100V~240V, suitable for a business trip or travel.The built-in upgraded smart chip keeps the temperature low during the charging process, which can extend the life of the mobile phone battery.It will automatically recognize the voltage and current of 5V3A/9V2A, and automatically match the appropriate power for the device being charged.The PC fireproof shell is very durable.The high-quality fireproof material shell makes charging safer.Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!