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4 Pieces IC Chip Remover Tool Kit, for PLCC, IC Chips

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A handy tool kit when you work on chips.giphy.gifThis U-type IC extractor is used for pulling integrated blocks.giphy.gifThe unique hooks can firmly grasp chips without damaging them.Specially designed to extract internal components from DIP Sockets as well as LSI, MSI, and SSI Devices with 8-28pins.The PLCC IC chip puller is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the main body is covered with PVC insulated enclosure.giphy.gifPLCC IC Chip extractor is spring assisted extraction tool designed for the removal of PLCC.The PLCC can be easily removed from the substrate without damaging any IC conductors.This 4-prong grabber is a practical tool for a manicure, mobile phone repairing, television repairing, grasping small items, etc.giphy.gifIt is suitable for motherboards, microcontrollers, programmers, etc.Easy to use: you just need to gently press the top of the 4-claw picker with your thumb, and its 4 claws will release out, and then you can use it to grab the parts.The wire-type IC chip puller is perfect for professional repairmen, such as TV/DVD/PC repairmen or IC workers.It is made of metal and shielded plastic, which is reliable and durable.Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!