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Foldable Portable Instant Table Side Bag Hook (2-Pack)

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Stop putting your bag on the floor with the help of this purse hook.giphy.gifThis purse hook attaches to whatever table you’re sitting at.It allows your purse to dangle underneath the table, without ever touching the floor.giphy.gifThe other side of the disc is made of rubber, so the hook base won’t slip and slide while it’s supporting your purse.giphy.gifThis gadget is pretty powerful and has the ability to hold up to 30kg.giphy.gifThis purse holder shrinks down to the size of a disc.giphy.gifAfter you’re done using the hook, you can stick the lightweight and compact hanger back into your purse.It won’t add extra weight to your bag and can travel with you anywhere.The purse holder manages to be stylish and practical.giphy.gifDimensions:Shipped directly from the manufacturer. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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