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Solar Hand-cranked Flashlight, with LED Lights, Built-in Radio, S.O.S Alarm and 4 Recharging Ways

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There is no fear of the batteries running out in the wild.

It's important to have a hand-cranked flashlight in your house for emergencies. You can use it when the power is out to clear things up with a big, wide beam of light.

The 180° foldable design can be used to read books or manuals.

The handy crank system will provide you with immediate light after just a few cranks. There are four ways to charge it.

There's a built-in radio so you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments, which could be crucial for your survival.

The emergency siren can alert nearby rescue workers if you have gone astray in the dark.

The USB charging system will keep your devices at full power so you have an additional means of communication.

The battery indicator makes it easy to check the battery status.

Three types of light (weak, strong and SOS) are suitable for different situations.

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