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7-in-1 Emergency Survival Whistle with Flashlight, Compass, Thermometer, Magnifier

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Sold by LOSCS and Fulfilled by GizModern



A mini and compact gadget that enhances your adventure experiences.

The advanced design makes the whistle farther and harsher.

Navigation and maps might be the most important hiking essential. A small compass is embedded in the whistle to help you find the direction accurately.

LED flashlights can illuminate the dark road and make yourself more visible to rescuers.

The readings on the thermometer are accurate and the display is easy to see.

The magnifier serves many different purposes while on a camping trip or while hiking or backpacking.

The survival reflectance mirror makes use of sun reflection to quickly show your current location.

The emergency information storage bin can store your emergency contact information or important information.

It will save space and weight in your backpack, which is particularly important if you are an ultralight backpacker.


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