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Electronic LED Mosquito Repellent Lamp, with Dual Mosquito Killing Technology, Physical Mosquito Killing

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Give you a quiet summer.

This mosquito killing lamp adopts double mosquito trapping and mosquito-killing technology to physically kill mosquitoes, making it more efficient and safe.

The four technologies of the LED light source, bionic temperature, air turbulence and physical drying make the mosquito killer more attractive to mosquitoes.

Suitable for use in offices, bedrooms, living rooms, cars and other places.

Bionic LED blue light can effectively attract mosquitoes.

The vortex structure can provide great suction to suck mosquitoes.

The silent DC fan allows mosquitoes to follow the airflow into the mosquito killer.

The seven-leaf fan can generate a strong peripheral vortex airflow, which strongly sucks mosquitoes.

The anti-escape mosquito storage box at the bottom of the mosquito killer uses a physical air-drying method to kill mosquitoes.

It can be used during day and night.

Low noise motor will not affect your rest when working.

It uses a pure physical mosquito control method, which is safer and more convenient.

It can be powered by a USB cable, supporting power bank, notebook and other devices to power it.

5 LED light waves can increase the range of the light source, and it is easier to attract mosquitoes.


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