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Cactus Shaped Electronic Mosquito Killer For Home, Bedroom, Kitchen & Office

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Sold by Sothing and Fulfilled by GizModern


No mosquitos, only a sweet dream.

Its design comes from cactus. The simple shape makes it a home decoration, like a pot of green pots, giving you a cool summer.

Using the inhalation method and taking advantage of the mosquito's phototaxis of UV light, the mosquito killer can attract it into the mosquito lamp, and then suck it into the mosquito box by the airflow generated by the fan.

The bottom tray can be easily removed, washed and dried to avoid bacterial growth. It is recommended to open the tray at least 24 hours later to ensure that the mosquito has died.

The special air duct design can effectively reduce the escape of undead mosquitoes.

It combines a 360° UV lamp with a 360° open duct design to increase the suction and range of the airflow for more efficient mosquito killing.

It is powered by Micro USB cable which is included in the package, and compatible with the phone charger and powerbank.

The entire body has only one button which makes it easier to use.

Package & Dimensions: 120*120*150mm

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