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Ergonomic Waist Cushion, with 3D Hyperboloid, Fit the Back, Relieve Pressure and 360°Dynamic Adjustment

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Good for your lumbar health.

The waist cushion adopts an S-shaped curve design that conforms to the human spine, which can support the waist and relieve the pressure on the waist.

The spring part of the cushion can follow the body's swing and move, suitable for all sitting positions.

The cushion fits the curve of the lower back and supports the waist well, making long-distance driving easier.

With this cushion, even if you face the computer for a long time, you will not feel waist discomfort.

Sitting for a long time can easily lead to lumbar strain and affect health.

The supporting part of the cushion is made of composite PP material, which is resistant to pressure and falling and has toughness.

The floor spring on the back of the cushion is wrapped with protective material to prevent pinching.

The breathable mesh material has the advantages of perspiration, breathability and good heat dissipation.

Easy to disassemble and clean.

Elastic straps secure the cushion to the seat and prevent it from sliding.


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